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Doug LoftusThe news that K-12 school personnel are now able to receive the COVID-19 vaccine brought enthusiasm and a much needed boost. Our school board and superintendent have long been on record about the need to vaccinate teachers and school personnel since we are considered, “essential.” As with all vaccines, folks have a choice. They can receive it or not. My feeling in receiving my first dose wasn’t relief in being protected. It was hope that we are one step closer to normal.

The vaccine doesn’t just represent protection. It represents hope for many people. It represents that one day soon, we can begin to fill our homes, our stadiums and arenas, our planes, and our schools. I’ve seen the devastating impact on our kids, and on our adults. And they have seen the impact it’s had on me. But this gave me a literal, and figurative, shot in the arm!

Doug Loftus
Proud Principal
Acceleration East High School  

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