Principal's Message

October 19, 2020

We are now already inside week 3 of quarter 2. Please be aware that we have several strategic goals working, but these two are especially important: 1) academic achievement; and 2) meeting the social emotional needs of students and our teachers.

As we know, if we cannot help our employees navigate through these very complex times, then we cannot expect our students to meet the desired outcomes and have the opportunities they deserve. Our administration does all that we can to let our teachers and staff know they are doing a fine job, but hearing that from a parent or a member of our school community, carries a lot of weight. If you know of a teacher or staff member that in your opinion has been performing at a high level, kindly take a moment to let them know - teacher & staff emails. It would mean a great deal.

Our students are learning very quickly that our expectation is that they put forth their best effort. At Acceleration East High School we celebrate the successes and victories - however small. We have dedicated teachers who work beyond school hours and have shared mini-victories such as a student who finally received his high school diploma. In an era where we don't know when the next victory is coming - stop, look around, and find something; anything that can be launching point for more success. Small victories are our continuing focal point.

Enjoy the week and thank you for looking over some of our recent highlights.

Doug Loftus
Proud Principal
Acceleration East High School


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