Principal's Message

From the Desk of Principal Loftus:
February 27, 2019

Mr. Loftus posing with a group of students in the Orientation Room at Acceleration East High School
The more we come out and support our students in what they love to do, the harder they will work during the school day.
 The formula isn't complicated - its rooted in reciprocity and respect. As parents and educators, we put parameters in place for our kids to re-frame priorities around what's important. That's our job as the influencers in their lives. Let's respect the fact that their greatest memory from high school won't be my incessant calls to get to class or lesson 3.1 in class. It'll be the value-added experience of cheering at pep rallies, the thrill and agony of games played, the nervousness before and the elation after performances. 

I used to think my satisfaction as principal would be derived by metrics, scores and appearing on lists. These things are nice and help drive our work, but my satisfaction comes from watching students in THEIR element; wherever that is, classroom, field, stage, court, pit, or otherwise. 

With Phoenix Pride,   
Mr. Doug Loftus




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