Principal's Message

From the Desk of Principal Loftus:
December 10, 2018



"Forward-thinking" is not typically a characteristic ascribed to teenagers. They may think of decisions in the distant future - where they want to attend college, Orange Technical College, or military, whether they would like to have a family, where they want to raise their family, and what career they aspire to. And they may understand what's needed in the next week or two. 

But how well do they understand "forward-thinking' as it relates to the 2-12 months range? Do they know that this semester's grades impact the ability to play sports in the spring, whether they will need credit recovery next summer, whether they will have good enough grades to even attend prom this spring? 

It's a tough skill to learn. But one that families deal with constantly-especially looking at budgets; saving up for a home, a vacation, a new car, college tuition. So, let's take a moment this weekend to discuss how we view the next two weeks of school and how that "forward-thinking" skill could pay dividends for second semester and beyond. 

As always, thank you for your continued support. 

With Phoenix Pride,    






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