Mission, Vision & Goals


What is Acceleration Academy

A unique educational program that:


  • Exposes students to a rigorous course of study with emphasis on career and college readiness using a highly experiential, technology-based curriculum that leads to a high school diploma


  • Offers a three separate tracks in which students can participate including: school/work, school/tech centers, or school/dual enrollment (VCC)


  • Accelerates students one year using block-scheduling


  • Prepares students for success in high school through challenging and high inquiry coursework


  • Develops skills in communication, interviewing, and networking through partnerships with mentors and business community leaders



Acceleration Academy’s mission is to empower students today for a bright future tomorrow. We provide and model a rigorous educational program in an environment encouraging a high level of personal commitment from students and staff. We offer a highly experiential, technology-based high school curriculum that focuses on career and college. Lastly, we foster a school environment where students enjoy freedom through knowledge, that leads to a healthy, productive and meaningful life.

To ensure a successful learning and working environment Accelerated Academy has highly qualified teachers in all academic areas. The emphasis on academic excellence is reflected in the strong high school curriculum exemplified by the Star Academy model. Here teachers provide intensive preparation for the social and academic challenges of high school. Through the use of block scheduling, flexible scheduling, technology throughout the curriculum, and vocational education opportunities, our students develop the skills necessary for the 21st century. 

Students experience success at Acceleration Academy by following the Eight Keys to Success listed below:

  • Attitude – Your attitude impacts your life. To be successful, choose to be positive and have a CAN DO attitude.
  • Perseverance –is required to accomplish any task – from getting ready for school to making it to graduation. Keep Trying!
  • Initiative – See Opportunities and seize them. Initiative will take you a long way on the road to success.
  • Responsibility – Take responsibility for your own learning and for helping others who have the same goal – GRADUATION.
  • Respectfulness – Respect the ideas and feelings of others. It is OK to not always agree on every subject.
  • Conflict Resolution – Resolve conflicts by looking at situations from the other person’s perspective. Ask yourself if there is a better way of communicating your opinion or idea.
  • Service – Leadership is best demonstrated by serving others. Perform an act of kindness each day.
  • Inquiry – Ask questions – Inquiry is a logical part of any learning experience and is the foundation of communication.


Advantages of Acceleration Academy

· Hands-on learning


· Positive home/school relationships that engage parents and guardians in the students’ learning process


· Career focused academic learning


· Learn about new careers through partnerships with local businesses


· Organizational skills to meet real-world challenges