Bell Schedule

Bell Schedule

Students are assigned eight class periods. In order to give adequate time to each class, students attend odd and even periods on alternating days. Therefore, a student will attend four classes each day. Since the school day is divided among four class periods, each class is significantly longer than usual. Students may cover in one class period what students from other schools complete over the course of several days. It is highly recommended to not miss class as this can put students further behind than they might expect.

The school day officially begins five minutes before the first block to allow for students to settle into their classes in the morning. A student is considered tardy if they are not in their class by the beginning of its assigned time. Dismissal occurs promptly at the end of the last block.

Lunch is partitioned into two separate blocks to ease the load on the cafeteria and space available for seating students. Both lunch blocks occur during the third block of the day and are assigned depending on a student's individual schedule given to them at the beginning of the school year. Students who are attending Lunch A must first report to their designated classroom for that block to allow the teacher to take attendance.

Wednesdays are still 'early' days, and the schedule has been separated into two tables for their respective days.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Period Start  End Duration (m)
Odd Even
1 2 7:25 AM 9:01 AM 96
3 4 9:06 AM 10:39 AM 93
5 6 10:44 AM 12:47 PM 98
Lunch A 10:44 AM 11:09 AM 25
Lunch B 11:14 AM 11:39 AM 25
7 8 12:52 PM 2:25 PM 93


Period Start  End Duration (m)
Odd Even
1 2 7:25 AM 8:46 AM 81
3 4 9:51 AM 10:09 AM 78
5 6 10:14 AM 12:02 PM 83
Lunch A 10:14 AM 10:39 AM 25
Lunch B 10:44 AM 11:09 AM 25
7 8 12:07 PM 1:25 PM 78