School Advisory Council

The goals and purpose of the Council are:

a) To provide parents, teachers, students and the community an opportunity to actively participate in the development of educational priorities, assessment of the schools' needs and development of a School Improvement Plan (SIP).
b) To bring into closer relation the school, home, and community so that parents, teachers, and community members may cooperate in a positive way for the education of students.
c) To act as an advisory body to the principal. 
d) Provide a liaison between the school, school organizations and the neighborhood community.
e) To provide an environment that is drug free and protects students' health, safety and civil rights in the home, school and community.
f) To assist the School Board in providing a learning environment conducive to teaching and learning that includes sequential instruction in mathematics, science, reading, writing, and the social sciences and appropriate educational materials, equipment and teacher-pupil ratio.
g) To ensure that students compete at the highest levels nationally and internationally and are prepared to make well-reasoned, thoughtful, and healthy life-long decisions.
h) To ensure that students are prepared to enter the work force or post-secondary education.
i) To positively impact student achievement by empowering the community and school personnel to be involved in shared decision making.
j) To encourage respect for the rights and dignity of others, to appreciate individual and cultural differences, and to enhance the sensitivity necessary for effective interpersonal relationships.
k) To teach an understanding of acceptable and responsible behavior which encompasses a respect for school and social values and the readiness to assume the duties and rights of a democratic society.
l) To impart an understanding of the significance and responsibilities of the family and of parental obligation to the educational process.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the School Advisory Council, contact the school at 407-992-0917 x6322221.